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Elle-Han Collings is an artist and educator with a BFA in Art Education from MSU Denver. Passionate about sharing unique stories and perspectives, Elle is in constant search of creative fuel. As a lifelong learner, Elle-Han incorporates in-depth research and inquiry in her work. She aims to express big picture ideas and concepts that speak to relevant topics both personal and societal. When she's not making art, Elle-Han loves to partake in all things outdoors including skiing, swimming, and hiking with her dog CiCi.

Teaching Philosophy

Art is created from a place that is personal, vulnerable, and curious. In this, art yields the power of affecting spaces both on the outside and inside of an individual in a multitude of ways. I believe in an art education that is equitable and accessible to every student. I view each person as a fellow artist and strive to provide a space where their curiosity and creativity can flourish. I embrace the past, present, and the future of individual and collective inquiry to develop and investigate questions about our world. We build each others' stories through sharing our own; through exploring rich and relevant topics I invite different perspectives to be recognized and embraced. I believe that art education does not exist in a bubble, and neither do students. Representation of art from diverse cultures across time aids to bridge the classroom with the entire world. It is in the acts of questioning, investigating, experiencing, and creating from those experiences that the walls of the classroom dissolve and students can integrate critical thinking skills within their lives. A successful art educator fosters students' creativity by encouraging questions, guiding research and discovery, and demonstrating how art is significant in every aspect of our world. 

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