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Independent Project, grade 7

I worked one-to-one with a student in creating an art journal. I gave the student prompts to guide their thinking while they also developed their own ideas.

Lesson & Standards

My Instruction

Student Work


Working one-to-one with a student served as an incredibly beneficial and special experience. Initially, I gave the student a framework of prompts and creative ideas they could choose to base their journal entries off of. Many of the themes are based off of prompts from PBS's The Art Assignment which explores a variety of creative thinking and making processes, while others are fun exercises in material exploration or visual storytelling. These were provided as a starting point, and I opened up the possibility of the student developing their own themes for different entries. We would meet once a week to exchange the journal and discuss the creative processes and thinking that were involved in the making of each new entry. I was so happy to see that the student developed most of her own prompts and challenges for herself. We would talk about how her ideas could apply to the world outside of school, sharing stories about our experiences, interests, and backgrounds. What came of this lesson was beyond any of my wildest expectations as the student created things from her world and her imagination!

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