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In Class Project, grades 6-8

I co-taught this lesson in which students developed futuristic animals inspired by Dougal Dixon's book, After Man. Dixon is a professional in the field of speculative evolution, writing and illustrating a book of animals that could inhabit the Earth millions of years in the future. The students then collaged their drawings with National Geographic magazine pages treated with CitraSolv, resulting in abstract effects. 

Lesson & Standards

My Instruction

After Man: A Zoology of the Future 

by Dougal Dixon 

Student Work


Throughout this project, students highly enjoyed the practice of collaging and the process of creating their abstract papers. Students also became very interested in animal adaptations and predicting how today's animals may look if their environments drastically changed. It was difficult for students to choose their favorite futuristic animal to work with for their final iteration as so many ideas flooded their heads! Students practiced pencil drawing techniques that were precise and methodical while simultaneously experimenting with collage and abstract shapes in the creation of their backgrounds. This balance of methods resulted in beautiful works that combine  and interweave art and science. 

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