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Remote Learning Exercise, grades 6-8

Students were introduced to artist Paula McCartney and her practice of creating illusions of real and fake scenery, or Constructed Landscapes. Students investigated natural versus unnatural scenery, and gathered different objects to create their own. Once assembled, students took a close-up picture to mimic the illusion and make their creation resemble a real landscape.

Lesson & Standards

My Instruction

Video resource from The Art Assignment

Student Work


Not only was this lesson very enjoyable to teach, but it fit our transition into fully remote learning in a great way. Students were able to take a step away from their screens and build something completely of their own imagination. This project also provided an opportunity for students to show their creativity in an un-intimidating way. There was no need for perfection. We discussed the interesting relationship between what we think is real versus what isn't, and the illusions we often see that can trick us and subvert our reality. This conversation made Constructed Landscapes a relevant practice, in the students' minds, that can be found everywhere in our world. 

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